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Christmas is coming!

Decorating your hallway.

Tis the season for Christmas decorations! Now then who decorates their hallway? To be honest I never really did before Instagram but now it's a must. This was last year's hallway and as much as I loved it, it will be different this year. That tree will be in the kitchen/diner and the main tree of course in the living room by the bay window. The more traditional tree with decorations and baubles that has been collected over the years and even some of my grannies will be on there too. The tree in the dining room is so much more colourful and dare I say it modern! I have my 2 sons helping and one of their girlfriends (she’s lovely). We have hot chocolate and Christmas cookies to help us along. Have a lovely day πŸŽ„πŸŽ‰

Ghost bell lights from as part of a previous collaboration