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Spring Vibes

Spring Interiors

With the darker nights fading away and the sudden sprout of crocuses and daffodils everywhere I turn, I find myself thinking about updating my home for spring. There are many different and easy ways to inject some spring into your home, but here are my top five suggestions: 

  1. Update your gallery wall by swapping out a few prints with spring-themed prints, such as blooms or brightly coloured wording.

  2. Change up your cushions. Put away those autumn and winter colours and bring out brighter or more neutral shades to make the room feel new.

  3. Invest in some greenery by way of plants to make your home feel alive again. Spider plants are one of the easiest plants to keep alive in my opinion, and they are great for purifying indoor air.

  4. It's time to put away all those heavy blankets and throws and switch to lighter fabrics such as cotton in neutral or brighter colours.

  5. There's no better way to make your home feel fresh and new than with a fresh coat of paint. Whether you're trying something new or just applying a fresh coat of the same colour, it's a surefire way to achieve that spring-clean feel.