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What you don't want to know about turning 50!

Well I'm going to tell you anyway 

They say 50 is the new 40 but let me tell you, hitting the big 5-0 is quite the shocker! It happened to me this past May, so I’m here to share my journey with you.

As I cruised through my late 40s, I had this grand vision of all the amazing things I'd do once I hit the big 5-0. And to be honest, I did manage to tick off some fantastic experiences. There was that magical trip to Malaga with one of my best friends, a rare moment when I got to be just "Lyndsey" instead of "mam," wife, problem solver, dishwasher, or general dogsbody. It was amazing. 

Then came the parade of delicious meals, courtesy of friends (at one point, I was eating out every day). Not that I was complaining; it was the birthday I had been hoping for with the next girl's holiday to Vilamoura in Portugal in the diary for June. 

The big day arrived and I was feeling ok until I opened a card that said, "WELCOME TO YOUR GOLDEN YEARS." Yes, that's right, someone had the audacity to welcome me to the club of the seasoned and mature. It was a moment where time stood still… I was in shock as all I could think about was the TV show "The Golden Girls," where you had four, let's say, mature women living together and navigating the highs and lows of their GOLDEN YEARS. I always had a soft spot for Blanche, she was the life of the party, albeit a tad on the promiscuous side! But it never occurred to me that I'd reach her age, and certainly not as quickly as I have. I'd always thought of myself more like Carrie from the "Sex in the City" age. 

Now, I'm definitely no Blanche. I'm happily married with two wonderful children and a lovable Cockapoo called Larry but in my head, I was that older lady and with the addition of peri menopausal symptoms I felt a little deflated less say. 

Botox or not to Botox

Ah, the joys of hitting the big 5-0! Wrinkles and the saggy face, they're like surprise guests who decide to hang around too long. The eternal dilemma: to Botox or not to Botox? I look at the likes of Kate Winslet and Helena Bonham Carter, who've steered clear of the needles and still look downright fabulous. Then there's my friend, who's had a bit of the 'fountain of youth' treatment and now looks perpetually rested and alert.

Honestly, it's like choosing between a spa day and a nap – both sound tempting! But making such a decision is no walk in the park. I mean, sometimes I can't even remember my own name, let alone decide if I want Botox.

HRT (now this ones a right laugh..not!)

Perimenopause means “around menopause” and refers to the time during which your body is at the end of its reproductive years. Now the fun part of this is that you may experience:

Hot flushes 

Sleep problems 

Mood changes (that’s a great one for your husband!)

Bladder problems 

Weight gain

Aches and pains 

Intense itching of the skin

This is only the tip of the iceberg I can tell you there are so many more but there is hope by way of the great Davina McCall who in my opinion and let me add the opinion of most women and men I speak to about this has done more for women’s health over the past 5 years than most. Just as a little note for those who don’t know this already from April 1st, 2023, you can get a year's worth of HRT prescriptions using an HRT PPC for £19.30 which makes it much more affordable.

I've been on my journey with HRT for almost 2 years now and feel like it's levelling itself out.. my moods are stabilizing (good news for his nibs) as I was always aware I was being unreasonable but I couldn’t do anything about it. I would love to try testosterone but that’s like finding money at the end of a rainbow for now but hopefully it will change in time, but for now all is well. 

There is a bright side!

There are also 10 good things about turning 50 

  • The fact that you got here as many aren’t so lucky!  

  • Most probably know your own mind and can say NO

  • More self -confidence 

  • Less self-critical

  • Not afraid to share your opinion

  • Have a goal and go for it

  • More ambitious and willing to take a risk

  • The kids are grown up so more time for yourself 

  • Appreciate time more than money. 

  • Know who your real people are. 

    So, if you're about to hit this milestone or have already ventured into the world of the fabulous 50s, remember, life is what you make of it, and who knows, maybe I'll find a little bit of Blanche's spirit in me after all! 🥂😄 Cheers to the golden years!