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Interior squad 2024

Working as part of the Hillarys interior squad

In October, I was chosen alongside 10 others to become part of Hillary's 2024 Interior Squad. What is that I hear you ask? Well, let me tell you, it's the most amazing opportunity to work with a fabulous brand and the most amazing group of writers, content creators, influencers and interior designers. 

Here they are!

We were invited down to Hillary's Blinds HQ in Nottingham to meet the rest of the squad and visit the factory where the magic happens. The work that goes into every curtain, blind, shutter and awning was impressive with quality checks at every stage so rest assured if you buy through Hillarys you'll get quality. I was mesmerized by the sheer amount of work that goes into everything that leaves that factory. As part of product development tests, fabrics are exposed to the equivalent of five years' worth of UV rays. Only those with excellent light and colour fastness make it into their range to make sure the blinds stay looking like new for longer. . 

Private dining

In the evening after learning about the ethos of Hillarys and our roles as the interior squad which was so exciting that I kept pinching myself to check it was all real as I had a case of imposter syndrome. Familiar faces from Instagram, the influencers I admired, initially left me slightly starstruck. However, any lingering awe quickly dissipated as we connected effortlessly, particularly after a few glasses of wine.

We got to know each other better that evening and even swapped seats every half hour so we all had an opportunity to talk to one another. I loved hearing other people's backgrounds and how they got to where they are today. 

The photo shoot 

The following day marked the highly anticipated photo shoot! Yes, you heard that correctly, a photo shoot. I found myself stepping well beyond my comfort zone. However, the photographer's expertise put me at ease from the get-go, and truth be told, we managed to capture some rather impressive shots of me. After a brief lunch break, I returned home brimming with excitement and buzzing with new ideas swirling around in my mind.
So come along on my journey with Hillarys and the Interior Squad, where you'll uncover insider hints and receive expert styling tips to elevate your home.