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Getting your garden ready for spring

The first cut

The first cut of the year makes me happy but also holds a special significance as it's a crucial task not just aesthetically but also for promoting healthy growth. Trimming away winter growth encourages new shoots to emerge, allowing sunlight and nutrients to reach the roots. This initial grooming sets the tone for the season ahead, laying the foundation for a flourishing garden with life, colour, and the promise of abundance. A few tips for you is firstly to make sure the grass is dry or you risk ripping rather than cutting and that you make the first cut on the highest cutting height on the lawnmower. Never cut more than a third of the grass blade off in one go to avoid overstressing the grass. Gradually over the next few weeks reduce the height and use moss and weed killer. The next step is to scarify your lawn then sow new seed and your good to go. 

Working with Flymo

Collaborating with Flymo was a game-changer, especially with their cordless, battery-powered lawnmowers and grass trimmers. With an excitable cockapoo puppy like Larry, it was essential to eliminate wires he might chew through. (and believe me, he would, he's into everything!) It was so easy, no more fussing with extension cords. Just a simple turn-on and I was off, effortlessly tending to the lawn. Flymo's innovation not only streamlined the task but also provided peace of mind, knowing I could maintain a tidy garden without worrying about safety hazards. It's the perfect solution for busy pet owners and those with small children seeking efficiency and ease when mowing the lawn.

But there was a twist!

Flymo had teamed up with eBay to make sure this gardening season was a more sustainable one. They sent me two of the cordless lawnmowers and two of the cordless grass trimmers but here's the twist! they sent me one set that was brand new and one that was preloved from eBay and they challenged me to test them both out to see how they performed and if i could see any difference between the pre-loved and the brand new versions. 

I have to say after testing both they performed equally as brilliantly and what's better is that you can confidently buy pre-loved and save not only money but reduce waste going into land fill. Now that's a win in my book!

Can you spot the difference?

Ad The lawnmower and strimmers were part of a paid collaboration with Flymo