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Updating your kitchen on a budget

The power of paint

After the wettest winter on record, i felt like spring had come and the house needed a refresh, especially in the kitchen/diner. As much as i would love a brand new kitchen that's not in the budget this year so as my gran would say "make do and mend". How do you do that i hear you ask? well, the power of paint darling! 

From dark to light

In the transition from the almost black to the fresh, lighter "Halflight" by Rustoleum, the room has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis. What was once a dark and sombre space now feels tranquil and bright, perfectly setting the stage for enjoying the upcoming lighter and hopefully warmer evenings.  The "Halflight" is visually stunning and the paint itself has also quickly become my favourite paint to work with. Opting for the matt finish was undoubtedly the right decision, adding a touch of sophistication to the walls.

What truly sets this paint apart is its remarkable coverage ability. With just two coats, the walls were completely covered, sparing me the hassle of spending endless hours applying coat after coat.

But the transformation didn't stop at the walls. Taking it a step further, we decided to paint the kitchen cupboards! now I know this sounds scary but all you need is:

·         Rust-Oleum Kitchen Cupboard Paint

·         Rust-Oleum Ready to Roll Kit

·         Rust-Oleum Sugar Soap

 I'd already painted these cupboards before, (as you can see the original cupboards were an eye-popping orange) with another paint brand in a dark blue which unfortunately chipped every time I touched it. I knew I needed good quality paint such as Rustoleum which is made specifically for kitchen cabinets. I chose Serenity in matt.They even have how to guides on the website. Despite initial doubts, the paint proved its worth yet again, effortlessly concealing the old colour with just two coats, leaving behind a finish that looked anything but amateur.

The kitchen now looks brand new again, adding a few more years to its longevity and is now one of our favourite places to enjoy cooking and a glass of wine in the evening. 

The paint from Rustoleum was part of a collaboration AD