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A good nights sleep

How do you sleep?

Getting a good night's sleep is as crucial as coffee on a Monday morning! It's the secret sauce for a well-functioning brain and a chirpy mood. Think of it as your brain's beauty sleep - it repairs and refreshes, ensuring you wake up looking and feeling less like a zombie and more like a supermodel ready to face the day.

It's like hitting the reset button on your brain, repairing the damage from the day's workload and getting you ready to tackle tomorrow's challenges with vigour. Plus, it's nature's beauty treatment, banishing those under-eye bags and turning your frown upside down as my lovely grandma Lily would say.

Without it, you're about as useful as a chocolate fireguard—yes, you may look good, but you're not exactly functional. 

Choosing the right Mattress

Choosing the right bed and mattress is like finding the perfect sidekick—it's crucial for your comfort, happiness, and overall well-being. It's a recipe for waking up feeling like you've been hit by a bus instead of being gently roused by the sound of nature. When your mattress feels like it's time for a change, it is! Plus, a bed that creaks louder than your grandma's knees every time you roll over? It's not exactly conducive to a peaceful night's sleep.

Investing in the right bed and mattress is investing in your health. Ideally, it should be like a fluffy cloud, supportive and super comfortable. So, do your homework before you invest in what can be an expensive mistake and treat yourself to the bed of your dreams.

I've suffered from long-term back pain resulting in back surgery about 6 years ago. since then I have changed mattresses several times trying to find the right one. In the meantime, I would wake up and hobble like a 90-year-old until at least 10 am!

Then last year I was given the opportunity to work with Sealy, I absolutely jumped at the chance. They directed me toward the mattress selector which, after answering a few questions about your sleeping habits selects the correct mattress for you. The mattress i received was tailored to my specific needs so I knew with confidence it would be right for me.

The sleep selector recommended the Elavate ultra Hawking mattress and all I have to say is that it's a game-changer for both my and my husband's sleep. it's not too firm, not too soft, and the Hawking Medium is perfect for those who like a little something in-between. We have both slept like babies since!

Even Larry loves it!

Every Sealy Posturepedic mattress is made to be trustworthy, resilient and durable - night after night…year after restful year and i can honestly say having this mattress for over a year. I've never slept so well and my back feels refreshed when I wake up in the morning! Even Larry our Cockapoo agrees. 

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